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Founding member of the National Family, School, and Community Engagement Working Group, a leadership collaborative whose purpose is to inform the development and implementation of federal policy related to family, school, and community engagement in education.

Selected curriculum models:“Opening Math and Science Filters: Our Schools Did It, So Can Yours!” and “A Nine Step Guide to Increasing Minority Student Participation in Math and Science” are used nationally to further gender, ethnic, and cultural equity in STEM classes.

Member of an expert working group which published Parent Engagement Strategies for Involving Parents in School Health, in collaboration with the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Adolescent and School Health, Center for Disease Control. This information has been disseminated to state departments of education and school systems across the country to promote student health and healthy communities.


Developed and sponsored Parenting Matters Regional Conferences that bring together educators, low-income and diverse families, community members, and students for a day of enrichment, skill building and training on a variety of topics including: home support for learning, advocacy, leadership, efficacy, and college- and career-readiness. Over 1,300 participants have been served through our conferences.

We have served almost 140,000 individuals through our monthly electronic newsletter and bilingual website.

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Early Childhood

Trained 60 Statewide HIPPY Home Visitors to improve school readiness through family engagement.

Delivered Entre Nosotros, Between Us: Transitions to Elementary School, Schools and Families Together to Judy Center staff and families in Wicomico and Montgomery Counties, MD.

Trained 600+ early childhood teachers, child care providers, and ethnically and linguistically diverse parents in early childhood development and school readiness in MAEC’s Informed Parents - Successful Children curriculum. Trainings were held in English, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.


Piloting the Paving the Way to Colleges and Careers: Families and Schools Together Curriculum, focused on grades 9-11 (12th in development) to help families and students build a college/career portfolio, increase skills to improve grades and take rigorous coursework, and cultivate experiences that will broaden students’ and families’ perspectives regarding college and careers. This pilot program is being tested in West Virginia and Maryland.

Trained over 6,500 low-income and diverse parents impacting approximately 143,000 children. Parents are trained to be leaders in their children’s schools by promoting learning at home, taking part in school-wide decision making, improving communication and collaboration with school staff, advocating for their children, and taking advantage of educational opportunities to enrich, strengthen, and support their children’s career and college readiness.

Trained over 2,300 educators impacting approximately 50,600 students. Educators are trained to promote family engagement and increase cultural competency and student engagement, and improve school planning to increase student achievement, through Title I school-wide programs and School Improvement Grants.

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Selected Awards and Participation in Policy Making Groups

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