Turnaround Schools and School Improvement Grant (SIG) Management


Transformative school reform requires multi-faceted approaches to school improvement, safe and positive school climates, professional development, family, school and community engagement, and student engagement. Schools undergoing such extensive improvement efforts require collaboration, supportive interventions, and help in establishing trusting relationships among key stakeholders, including schools, families and the community. Thus, organizations serving turnaround and SIG grant recipients must: have an extensive knowledge of federal, state and local regulations pertaining to these models; be able to evaluate data to drive decision-making, establish collaborative partnerships between staff, families and community, promote safe and positive school climates; and be resourceful in providing opportunities for additional student socio-emotional and academic supports.

MAEC proudly serves Prince George’s County Public Schools’ (MD) four turnaround middle schools to ensure systemic, transformative change in: school culture, culturally responsive teaching practices, improved family, school and community engagement, promotion of safe and positive school climate, and increased support services for students (including partnerships with mental health providers, mentorship, youth development and college visits). MAEC delivers a comprehensive needs assessment, including (interviews and surveys of stakeholders, community asset and resource mapping, program and policy review) to school leadership teams, to delineate action plans, and implement practices that will lead to optimal student outcomes. All of MAEC Turnaround and School Improvement Grant Management services are regularly evaluated through formative and summative assessments to ensure progress on mutually established outcomes. Principals and school leaders receive quarterly reports and adjustments are made to implementation, based on data.

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