History and Mission


Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. (MAEC) is a private, non-profit with 20 years of success linking educators, families, communities, and students to increase cross-cultural understanding, engagement and social capital to improve student achievement and further school reform.

Founded in 1991, MAECís mission as a capacity building organization is to improve academic outcomes for all students so that they can complete college or pursue careers to be successful and productive citizens. We seek to build the capacity of educators and families to ensure equity for all students.

Guiding Principles

MAECís programs operate in communities with the highest need, lowest-income and lowest-performing schools and are frequently evaluated and documented as effectively improving family and student outcomes through capacity building and targeted technical assistance. MAEC has been able to achieve successful results by allowing the following principles to guide our work:

  • Relationships Matter: A shared vision is necessary to organized efforts, emphasize results and data and take action to improve student growth.
  • Investment is Critical: All stakeholders must be invested in work in order to be drivers for positive change.
  • Structure is Necessary: A structure that embraces communication, mutuality and accountability leads to student centered and informed decision-making.
  • Building Capacity is Essential: By building the capacity of stakeholders to increase student achievement through the engagement of diverse families schools can institutionalize core beliefs and practices to sustain school improvement and reform.

How We Do Our Work

In order to raise academic achievement for all students, MAEC utilizes a multi-tiered strategy that is efficient and effective. Collaboration is critical to MAECís success and is achieved by understanding and addressing the individual needs of districts, schools, families, students and communities. Our work is carefully aligned with overall school improvement goals, as well as district and federal requirements while also being tailored to individual schools. We provide a robust slate of programs, resources, partnerships, and support to help students succeed. All of our work establishes clear outcomes, provides participants with evaluations, and conducts formative and summative assessments to make sure goals are reached.



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