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The Mid-Atlantic Equity Center hosts monthly webinars covering equity issues relating to race, gender, and national origin. Past webinars have included topics such as Increasing the Interest of Low Performing Students in Math and Science, Civil Rights in the Classroom, Cultural Validity in Assessment, Dissonant Harmony: A Conversation about What We Must Do to Enhance the Achievement of African American Males, and STEM Teachers in Professional Learning Communities. Webinars are archived on this site.


Education and Equity News

Every other month, the Mid-Atlantic Equity Center publishes an electronic newsletter featuring relevant news articles, reports, events, recommended readings, and resources related to gender, race and national origin. This information is meant to inform educators’ practice, policies and procedures to ensure that they are equitable for all students.


Best Practices Newsletter

Once a quarter, the Mid-Atlantic Equity Center publishes an electronic newsletter that provides a synopsis of best practices relating to increasing achievement for all students in the areas of race, gender and national origin. This newsletter gives recipients practical information for making concrete changes to enhance students’ educational experience and increase equity in their classrooms, schools and states.



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